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Creating the .NET Task

Basically you need to do the follwing to set up a new .NET Task in MAS 500
  1. Launch Type - .NET Standard
  2. Task Type - What ever your task falls under. This is your choice
  3. Task ID - use a task ID within the range given by Sage Software for the SDK. If you don't you run the chance of future Sage tasks using that number and stomping over your entry.
  4. Constant - Refer to OnLine Reference Guide for naming conventions
  5. Name - Name of your task as it will be seen on the Business Desktop
  6. Description - Same as 5 but more detail can be added
  7. Text Box next to Object ProgID - Enter the name of your .NET EXE
  8. Delete the String Parameter entry.
  9. Select OK

This will save the necessary entries to the database.

  • If you re-open this, the task editor will default back to Accounting.Application.BA.Analyzer.exe which will cause problems.
  • If you have to edit the entry, delete the existing one first then start again.
    • Hopefully, engineering will fix the issue so it isn't as confusing in the future.

10. Add the MAS 500 Task to the Menu

Louis Davis

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ldavis1 Jan 19, 2008 at 5:32 PM 
The issue of corrupting the task editor entry was a MAS 500 7.0 issue. This bug has been fixed in 7.05.....

Lou Davis